Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today is my nephew Liam's third birthday. He and I are kindred spirits: he L-O-V-E-S cars about as much as I love yarn. When we gathered at my parents' home to celebrate Christmas/winter holidays, he would continually ask my boyfriend and me, "Wanna play cars?", and, in fact, I did play cars with him for quite some time.

So, what do you give a little car-loving guy for his birthday? Well, another car!

I was going to try and freeform a car, but then I stumbled upon an awesome "Race Car" pattern by Etsy's Nustsaboutcrochet13. Problem solved!

This pattern contains three completed pieces: the car, and the removable driver with a removable helmet.

I did some mild modifications, but, overall, I just followed the pattern as written. (It's a great pattern, by the way!)

I will admit that my yarn choice is a bit odd, but there is a method behind my madness: the yarn is the remnant from a skein I used to make my brother Kevin (i.e., Liam's father) a hat about two Christmases ago. Now, father and son can match. :)

Happy third birthday, Liam! Let's play cars!

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