Monday, January 5, 2009

Now There Are Papillon Heads: A WIP Sneak Peek!

Typically, I'm not the type who likes to document my amigurumis while they're in an "in progress" state. A crochet head rolling around the table without a body almost always evokes nervous laughter and comments about how "weird" it looks to see a future plushie out of its completed context.

That said, I just had to share this image--it certainly made me laugh!

If you look at my first blog entry, you'll see how I took a group picture of the first WIPs (Works in Progress) to watch for in my blog:

To date, the demon gang has grown (I'm almost finished with the seventh "good egg", which I haven't photographed yet)

I've turned gold (yarn) into a Stumpy pencil and an in-progress pattern

I've turned gray yarn into a Wordy and trumpet-tooting elephant

The Papillons are actually represented by the teeny-tiny kitty that's sitting next to the shaggy-haired doll (and sitting atop the mint green box).

In early Autumn, I met a woman who asked me to make her a set of amigurumi dolls of her five pets: two cats and three dogs. Two of the dogs are Papillons. I'm not working with any patterns--instead, I'm creating these little ones based on pictures of the real dog and cat cuties! Let me tell you, between their bottle-like noses and large ears, it was quite challenging to get these dogs' faces just right.

When I went to take pictures of the heads, I set them atop a reference picture of the dogs. . . and ended up finding it so funny that I took a picture of my ami-heads atop the picture containing the real pups' heads.

If you're one who doesn't like to see her/his amigurumis incomplete and out of context, check back at the end of the week--I'm hoping to have all the pieces for these cuties completed and stitched together before the weekend's over. Also, if you're more of a cat person, be sure to check back next week!

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