Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Souvenirs from Germany

I went to Germany; I got my mother a mug, and my father received a t shirt. However, the way I wished to remember my time in Munich was through fiber.

On my third day in Munich, I decided to be brave, take the U-bahn alone, and venture over to Ludwig Beck's yarn and notions shop in the Marienplatz district. Communicating only in German--yay for me--I bought three gorgeous purple-gray-ivory skeins of Lang Yarns' Jawoll superwash Jacquard. I began working on Cookie A.'s "Monkey" sock pattern the night before my Schatzi and me began our journey back to The States, and I spent much of the overseas flight cranking through the first sock (nearly to the heel).

I just finished the pair this past weekend. (Okay, I still need to weave in all my loose ends, but I can still count them as FOs, right? Right????) While this is the second pair of socks I've made, this is the first pair I've made for myself.
Man, I always noticed how sock knitters in my knitting circles had a special look in their eyes. . . now I understand the depth of their fiber madness. What do I mean? Well, I'm already at work on another pair of socks. I cannot help myself. And I keep finding more and more delicious looking sock yarns. And cute sock patterns. They're everywhere. . . and they're just so dang portable.

Oh, I think I'm just falling deeper and deeper down the yarny rabbit hole . . . (and loving every minute of it!;)
BTW, I L-O-V-E this yarn. I also bought some cotton Lang Jawoll sock yarn while in Munich, and, because this first batch of yarn was so much fun, I cannot wait to give the cotton version a test drive!

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